Our Story

OSA Candles are luxury handmade scented candles, hand poured from fine soy wax and fragranced with natural fragrance and essentials oils.  Free from petroleum, toxins and parabens, our products are not tested on animals so they are vegan-friendly too.


By choosing OSA, you bring fragrance to your home that’s good for you and good for the environment.

OSA - Old School Artisan

OSA Candles was borne out of a number of passions: a passion to develop and create fine, earth-friendly products; a passion to produce items of beauty; a passion to share these items with as many people as possible.


With neither of us being from a ‘scientific’ background, we were on a steep learning curve. Very quickly we learned that, through sheer dogged determination and precise record keeping, we could produce something that was unique to us and ticked ‘most’ of the boxes we originally set out with. We had dark days and nights when the wax just wasn’t playing ball! And those desperate mornings when we woke up early to check how yesterday’s batch was curing only to find we had an issue! But still we persevered in total belief of being able to create a 100% natural candle which looked wonderful, smelt divine both hot and cold, and, most of all, burnt in a delightful way - gently yet confidently, with a supreme elegance only a natural candle can exude.


We hope you find our products bring a different scented candle experience into your world, and that you will join with us as we continue to develop and create our range.

Our Approach

The OSA approach remains that of an old-school Artisan chandler: we lovingly handcraft our candles in small batches of no more than 10, and we only use the latest ‘quantum’ 100% high-grade soy wax with cotton wicks and natural essential and fragrance oils.

By using the small-batch approach, we are paying homage to the meditative, in-the-now process of an age-old production method used by master chandlers the world over - one that simply cannot be rushed. By only producing 10 or so in each batch, we are able to monitor the quality of our product every step of the way, ensuring a consistently high-quality is maintained - batch to batch.

Our Candles

When you buy an OSA scented candle, you are receiving a truly ‘handmade’ product in every sense of the word. From the gentle stirring of the wax as it melts, to the frenetic moment of adding the precise volume of fragrance before pouring, while always ensuring the wax temperature remains optimum, human endeavour is the order of the day.


And while that human involvement takes time, we absolutely believe it is worth every minute as the end product is not only unique but also exceptional in terms of appearance, scent-throw and quality of long-lasting burn. All that remains is for you to see for yourself ...