Candles in the office. Really?

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

A scented candle doesn’t have to be lit to work its magic

More and more of our customers are telling us how they buy an OSA candle as much for its cold-throw as for the wonderful scent it emits when lit.

Candles in the Office - enjoy the scent, even when cold

As gifts for friends, family, colleagues and themselves, customers find that they can enjoy our candles even in places where it’s not always appropriate to light them. At work, for instance, placing an OSA candle on your desk not only adds a bit of your own personal style to your workstation, but also provides a pleasing aroma throughout the day. This cold-throw comes from the high-quality fragrances we use.

For my part, I have now started to send my teenage niece our latest scented candle creations. I do not want her to light these creations (I fear teenagers and naked flames!) but I do want her to place them in her room, among the copious amounts of teenage belongings she has, so she can enjoy the natural un-lit fragrance of our products! Her feedback has been vital and she is proving to be an important part of the OSA R&D process.

So, while I can’t deny a scented candle is at its very best when burning with a wonderful orange glow while emitting a delightful scent - it’s clear that scented candles also serve a purpose when simply sitting, un-lit, on a shelf, a desk, a windowsill, by the dog’s bed or in my niece's shoe cupboard!

Let the cold-throw of an OSA Scented Candle work its magic in your home or workplace

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