Find your Festival Fragrance

With the festival season well upon us, we want you to be able to find the perfect fragrance to pack with your wellies!

It isn’t always easy to find a fragrance you love but we can guarantee that you will find your summer fragrance on our website. All our candles are lovingly handcrafted in high-grade soy wax with cotton wicks - our candles burn cleanly, are not tested on animals and are paraben and GMO free. Here are some of our favourite fragrances that you might love too.

Paris Boudoir – pamper your senses with this opulent, sumptuous and intense fragrance reminiscent of fine French fragrance. Quintessentially feminine, our Paris Boudoir scented candle is nothing short of delicious. Made from a blend of luxurious Damask Rose essential oil, balanced with intense smoky Oud wood oil, this fragrance can help you uplift your mood or wind down in equal measure. Ideal for burning after a hard day revelling!

Lavender Azure - evoking big blue Provençal skies, our Lavender Azure scented candle almost transports you to the Mediterranean and a lavender field in the heart of Summer. Made with the highest-quality Lavender essential oil, this candle is bursting with floral aroma. Its soothing and relaxing blend is also reminiscent of a day at the spa. Renowned for its sleep-enhancing and anti-moth properties*, this luxurious candle is both useful and beautiful.*While we can't 'say' that Lavender helps you sleep or repels moths, we can tell you that our Lavender Azure candles have helped us relax and appear to have protected many a woolly jumper too - so, if lavender works for you, this is the candle. Sleep well so you’re ready for whatever your festival throws at you!

Summer Picnic – the clue is in the name … enjoy relaxing and dining in the great outdoors with our Summer Picnic scented candle. Super for caravan/camping, beach use and of course festivals! Made with the highest-quality Citronella essential oil, a renowned plant-based insect repellent**, this candle has a wonderful citrus aroma, bursting with a crisp, lemon and grassy scent. **While we can't 'say' that Citronella repels insects, we can tell you that our Summer Picnic candles are a lifesaver in the Scottish Summertime - so, if citronella works for you, this is the candle!

Whatever your festival(s) of choice this season, pack an OSA candle – our travel tins are perfect and start at only £8 (plus P&P) – find your festival fragrance today

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