The Power of Fragrance

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

My nose has been both a blessing and a curse for me at times 

Fragrance, scent, perfume, odour, stench, pong ... however you dress it up, ‘fragrance’ is part and parcel of everyday life. From that stifling Summertime tube journey, to the delights of a coastal walk, or most of us anyway, scent is everywhere!

Lavender Azure using premium lavender oil

It can act as a warning, it can bring a sense of calm, it can evoke a distant memory - it’s amazing really, the power of fragrance. And, while I do appreciate that some people have a poor, even non-existent, sense of smell - my Dad is a prime example - l also know that, for a number of people like me, scent is a massive part of their life.

So, building on my belief in the power of fragrance and my passion for bringing fine fragrance into my world, OSA Candles was born. 

Our initial collection epitomises the power a fragrance has to combat the curse of a sensitive nose while embracing the blessing it brings. Our range includes a functional scent with ‘Summer Picnic’ offering the benefits of Citronella - proven or not, burning this candle sure helps with the numerous ‘flying friends’ we encounter in the warmer months, here in Scotland.

Our range also embraces the evocative nature of fragrance with the exotic floriental top notes of ‘Moroccan Morning’ – instantly I’m transported to Marrakech’s Jemaa el-Fnaa Square while ‘Lavender Azure’ takes me back to that lavender farm near Aix where I spent a few weeks one Summer ... and then there’s ‘Paris Boudoir’ which firmly plants me in the stillness and tranquility of the ‘now’ with its sense-caressing velvet rose and oud base notes.

Apologies if I sound pompous and I hope that, as you get to know me through my blogs, you’ll realise that I extremely down to earth, but it’s just the power of fragrance in action - making me wax lyrical ... and please pardon the pun!

Anyway, we hope you’d like to try our hand poured natural soy wax scented candles and experience the power of fragrance to take you wherever you like to be.

Enter your fragrance world now

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